Photo of Feitong FT-501 Radar SART

Feitong FT-501 Radar SART

Fei Tong

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Product Description 

Feitong FT-501 Radar SART (Search and Rescue Transponder)

  • China Classification Society (CCS) approved
  • Complies with IMO A.802(19) Resolution (ITU-R) M.62-2 and IEC61097-1 technical requirements
  • Adopts X-band signal detection technology, waveform generation technology
  • High efficiency power conversion
  • The signal transmitted by the FT-501 SART can display its exact position on the navigation screen of the search and rescue vessel / helicopter  
  • Easy-to-use by non-professionals
  • Multiple anti-false alarm protection system
  • Able to withstand decay from long-term sun exposure
  • Glossy external shell with bright colour for ease of finding 

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