Photo of Feitong FT-9500 AIS-SART (Search and Rescue Transmitter)

Feitong FT-9500 AIS-SART (Search and Rescue Transmitter)

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Product Description 

Feitong FT-9500 AIS-SART (Search and Rescue Transmitter)

Feitong's FT-9500 (Automatic Identification System Search and Rescue Transmitter) is used to assist AIS search and rescue personnel in searching for and locating the location of distressed vessels, life rafts, and rescue boats in the event of a maritime distress.

Its embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) accurately determines the location data of distressed vessels, life rafts, and lifeboats, and transmits them through the automatic identification system search and rescue transmitter, which is very effective for AIS search and rescue personnel to search for distress locations on the surface and in the air. When the device is activated, the FT-9500 will transmit the location data
via the AIS message format.

Usually, each passenger ship or a cargo ship of more than 500 tons is equipped with at least one search and rescue transmitter on each side. The FT-9500 is a portable device that is recommended to be installed in locations that are easily accessible and quickly accessible to personnel. The FT-9500 is a water-tight, battery-powered device that is waterproof and its main technical features are:

  • China Classification Society (CCS) approved
  • Complies with IMO MSC 246(83) (2007) resolution
  • Install ropes to connect equipment to life rafts and lifeboats
  • The effective transmit signal range is 5 nautical miles or more, and the AIS receiver within this range can receive the signal normally
  • In order to use the FT-9500 more effectively, it is recommended to keep it vertical when the equipment is working and to be as high as possible
  • FT-9500 Embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) can help devices on a wide range. The location of the distress at sea is accurately located, which helps AIS search and rescue personnel to quickly reach the distress position
  • The FT-9500 sends a packet of AIS signals containing the search and rescue activation status every 4 minutes, which will be received by the nearby AIS receiver
  • The FT-9500 can operate continuously for more than 96 hours after activation.
  • Easy-to-use by non-professionals
  • Multiple anti-false alarm protection system
  • Able to withstand decay from long-term sun exposure
  • Glossy external shell with bright colour for ease of finding 

General Specifications

AIS 1: 161.975MHz
AIS 2: 162.025MHz
Radiated Power
1 W 
AIS Message Type 1, 14
Modulation Type GMSK


Further information
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