Photo of Saura SR-165 Magnetic Compass Bowl

Saura SR-165 Magnetic Compass Bowl


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Product Description

Saura SR-165 is a Reflector Magnetic Compass designed for sea navigation, complying with the relevant IMO and other major authority requirements.

Key Features of the Compass Bowl:
- Precision directional unit design
- Card diameter 165mm
- Long lasting inner paint finish, without blister, cracks or discolouring over a long period of time
- Unique bowl design to absorb liquid expansion for leakage and air bubble free operation
- MED, CCS (China) and JG (Japan) Type Approval
- Complies with IMO and ISO-449 (1997), ISO-694 (2000), ISO-1069 (1973), ISO-2269 (1992) and IEC-20945 (2002)

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Warranty period: 3 months from date of purchase
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