Best Price Guarantee has the most competitive pricing in the industry. We guarantee that we will provide the best prices for all products sold on

How does it work?

If you buy a product on, and find a better price with a competitor within 48 hours, we’ll credit you the difference! The best price guarantee refers to the price of the product only and excludes other charges such as delivery fees.

What qualifies for the best price guarantee?

  • The product must be new, in stock and readily available from a competitor
  • The product must be identical to the one purchased from
  • The competitor must be an authorised dealer based in Singapore (with the quotation coming from the Singapore office)
  • An official product quotation must be provided
  • The quotation must be for delivery to the same country as the BuyNav order

How do you submit your claim?

To submit your claim, fill in the claims form below, and we’ll get in touch.
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