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AC Antennas KUM903 HF/SSB Antenna

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Product Description

KUM903 is a 3 section omnidirectional side-fed HF transceiver antenna for automatic antenna tuned systems for both fishing and commercial vessels. The KUM903 is manufactured in premium quality materials in order to prevent galvanic corrosion. Radiating elements are made of copper.

KUM903 has been sold worldwide for more than three decades. The antenna is subject for improvement at all times. The antenna has the same rugged design as all other AC Antennas products thus it withstands harsh environmental conditions, both on sea and land.

Note: Mountings are not included with this product. Please refer to the Antenna Mounting Guide and purchase the appropriate mountings separately. 

Electrical Specifications

Part No. 290300-T
Product Name KUM903
Frequency Range (MHz) 1.40-30.00
Connector Termination Side Feed
Power Rating (Watt) 1200

Mechanical Specifications

Length (m/ft.) 9.05m / 29.68ft
Weight (kg/lbs.) 6.30kg / 13.86lbs
Thread Clamp set
Parts  3-section

Further information
Product Sheet
Installation Guide
Installation Guide (Chinese)

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Warranty Terms
Warranty period: 1 year from date of purchase
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