Jotron Tron SART20 Radar Transponder with Bulkhead Bracket 83010


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Product Description

Jotron have for several years been one of the world’s leading producers of SART (search and rescue radar transponder). Jotron’s Tron SART20 is designed for use in search and rescue operations and gives the exact location of the distressed indicated on the radar X-band display of any nearby ships, SAR vessels and aircrafts.

Tron SART20 GMDSS 9ghz search and rescue radar transponder complies with IMO/SOLAS/GMDSS regulations and is MED and FCC approved.

Tron SART20 can be used as the “search and rescue locating device” according to IMO SOLAS Amendment in Resolution MSC.256(84) as required by SOLAS Chapter III, Regulation 2.2.

Key features of the Jotron SART20 model:

  • Designed for use in search and rescue operations
  • Gives the exact location of the distressed on the radar X-band display
  • Non-hazardous battery
  • Jotron Tron SART20 uses the same acessories as the Tron SART-AIS (bulkhead bracket, pole, life-boat bracket and neoprene protection bag)
  • Incorporated into Jotron recycle program

This product includes:
- 1 x SART20 Radar Transponder
- 1 x Bulkhead Bracket

General Specifications

Product Name Tron SART20
Battery Lithium, non hazardous battery for safe and unrestricted transportation
5 year maintenance kit, serviceable on board
Material Housing Glass reinforced Polycarbonate
Frequency X-band (3 cm) (9.2 - 9.5 GHz)
Radiated Power > 400 mW e.i.r.p (+26 dBm)
Sweep Type 12 sweep sawtooth type
Forward 7.5 ?s +/- 1?s
Return 0.4 ?s +/- 0.1 ?s starts with return sweep
Receive Sensitivity Better than -50 dBm e.r.s
Response Delay Max 0.5 ?s
Antenna Pattern Horizontal polarisation
Omnidirectional radiation in the horizontal plane
Greater than +/- 2.5 degrees elevation angle in the vertical plane
Antenna Height Place at least 1m (3.3 ft) above sea/ground leve
Indication Visual and audible alarm
Temperature Range
(degrees Celsius)
Operating: -20 to +55 
Storage: -30 to +65
Operating Life 96 hours standby + 8 hours continuous operation when activated by a radar with 1 kHz prf at -20 degrees Celsius
Standards IEC 61097-1
IEC 60945
IMO A.802 (19)
IMO A.694 (17)

Size Specifications

Product Dimensions (mm) 251mm (H)
Weight (g) 482g

Further information
Manufacturer Product Features and Details
Product Sheet
User Manual
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Product Code
JOT-83010 SART20

Warranty Terms
Warranty period: 2 years from date of purchase
Expiry date: at least 5 years from date of purchase
Terms and conditions apply

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