Photo of McMurdo SmartFind E8 Auto EPIRB 23-001-504A

McMurdo SmartFind E8 Auto EPIRB 23-001-504A


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Product Description

McMurdo SmartFind EPIRBs include innovation as standard with ruggedized base, easy service battery, MEOSAR compatibility and compliance with the new United States Coast Guard emergency hands free transport mandate. The additional false activation protection and multiple self-tests also offer total user confidence. Coupled with an unparalleled marine heritage, commitment to quality and a history of innovation, customers know they can trust McMurdo when their lives are at risk.

Key features of the SmartFind E8 model:
- Subscription Free
- Alerts global Search & Rescue professionals via Cospas Sarsat 406 MHz frequency
- Locates to within 3-5km
- Uses 121.5 frequency to home into EPIRB location
- Water Activation
- 10 year battery
- Multiple false activation protection measures

General Specifications

Product Name SmartFind E8
MEOSAR Optimised Enhanced detection capability for accelerated rescue
VHF Homer 121.5MHz swept tone
406 Frequency International rescue frequency
SmartTransfer Manual bracket allowing transport without activating water switch
Activation Method Manual or water activation
Battery Storage Life 10 years (Lithium Iron Disulphide)
Standards Applied COSPAS-SARSAT: C/S T.001 C/S T.007
Europe: MED (wheelmark)
USA: USCG & FCC; FCC ID: TBA; 4 7 CFR Parts 80, 2; Dependant on variant
International standards: IEC 61097-2; IEC 60945 incl. Corrigendum1; IEC 61108-1 (GNSS variant) RTCM 11000.4; Industry Canada RSS-287; AS/NZS 4280.1; IMO MSC/Circ. 862
IMO regulations: A.662(16); A.694(17); A.810(19); A.814(19)

Size Specifications

Product Dimensions (mm) 423mm (H) x 104mm (W) x 103mm (D) (incl. antenna)
Weight (g) 710g

Further information
Manufacturer Product Features and Details
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Warranty Terms
Warranty period: 1 year from date of purchase
Expiry date: at least 5 years from date of purchase
Terms and conditions apply

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