Novega PT9 C-PROOF Acoustic Beacon


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Product Description

The PT9 C-PROOF is a seawater-proof underwater locating device according to SAE AS 8045, which has been specifically developed for the installation on data storage capsules/final recording Medias (FRM) of Voyage Data Recorder Systems (VDR/S-VDR). The PT9 C-PROOF has been designed to send a locating signal for at least 30 days in the case of being activated by water immersion.

The PT9 C.PROOF has been especially developed for the usage on ships. Therefore, it uses materials and coatings which have proved themselves in practice, having been exposed to the rough conditions on deck of a ship for years.

The PT9 C-PROOF is approved by the BSH, The German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency.

General Specifications

Operating Frequency According to DIN EN 61996
Power Source Self contained lithium battery
Actuation Automatically by both fresh and salt water, at all depths to 6,000m/20,000ft 
Operating Life 30 days (minimum)
Acoustic Outputs 106 N/m2 (1060 dyne/cm2) r.m.s. (during the pulse) pressure normalized to 1 metre range, that is, at a level of 160.5 dB vs 1 ?Pa at 1 metre

Size Specifications

Product Dimensions (mm) 98mm (3.85in) (L) x 33mm (1.3in) (Diameter)
Weight (g) 173g (6.1 ounces)

Further information
Manufacturer Product Features and Details
Product Sheet
Quick Start and Installation Guide 
User Manual
BSH Approval (PT9 C-PROOF)
BSH Approval (PT9 replacement for existing ULDs)

Product Code

Warranty Terms
Warranty period:
3 years from date of purchase (Battery)
Expiry date:
3 years (Battery)
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