Thuraya Orion IP Maritime Broadband Data Terminal

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Product Description 

Thuraya Orion IP Maritime Data Terminal is the most affordable maritime satellite broadband solution, with data speeds up to 444kbps.

Thuraya's commitment to the demanding maritime market has been further strengthened with the release of Thuraya Orion IP, a new broadband terminal, specifically designed for the harsh maritime environment.

Thuraya Orion IP provides merchant maritime, fishing, governmental and leisure users with competitively priced, robust and reliable data connectivity at rates up to 444kbps.

Users can choose from unlimited, low usage or VSAT backup options to suit their individual requirements. Thuraya airtime is the most competitively-priced in the maritime market. It enables users to take advantage of value-added services provided by Thuraya's Service Partners and enjoy fast and simple connections, throughout Thuraya's footprint.

Thuraya's powerful L-band satellite network can dynamically assign capacity where and when it is needed, providing a virtually congestion-free service that covers most of the world’s busiest ports and shipping lanes.

Key features:

  • Easy installation 
  • Single cable installation
  • Small and lightweight
  • Up to 10 devices can connect to hotspot
  • Can be used with WhatsApp and WeChat

General Specifications

Standard IP
up to 444kbps
Streaming IP
up to 384kbps
Four PoE ports supplying 15W each to four PoE compliant devices
Ingress Protection
CE, EMC 301 444, 301 489, IEC 60950

Size Specifications

Antenna: 319mm x 277mm
BDU: 46mm x 281mm x 233mm
Antenna: 4.0kg
BDU: 2.2kg

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Warranty Terms
Warranty period: 1 year from date of purchase
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