Hatteland JH MMDRO STD-A1 Black Aluminium Rotary Bracket for 17"-26" Series 1 MMD

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Product Description

Black coloured aluminium Rotary Bracket for 17" to 26" Series 1 Maritime Multi Display (MMD). Rotational up to 180 degrees to extend a wider range of viewing.

This Rotary Bracket can be used with:
- JH 19T14 MMD-AA1-AABA 19" MMD Series 1
- JH 20T17 MMD-AA1-AABA 20.1" MMD Series 1
- JH 23T14 MMD-MA1-AABA 23.1" MMD Series 1

Note: A stand-alone Rotary Bracket cannot be mounted to a Display or Panel Computer unit without the Mounting Bracket (JH MMDBR STD-A1 17"-20" Display Mounting Bracket or JH 23TBR T01-A1 23" Display Mounting Bracket) as a base first.

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