Entel Radios vs. Motorola / Standard Horizon / Sailor / Vertex / ICOM Radios

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As shipping regulation tightens, finding a marine radio that meets all the strict marine safety guidelines AND is affordable can be challenging. 

Thankfully, Entel's marine radios tick all these boxes!

Entel's commercial grade marine portables have MIL-STD 810/C/D/E&F construction and IP68 submersibility, and are designed to withstand the everyday rigours of marine environments. With Intrinsically Safe (ATEX IIA, ATEX IIC, IECEx) and Non Intrinsically Safe options available at low prices, Entel is the ideal choice for marine walkie talkies!

While there are other high quality suppliers available out there (Motorola / Standard Horizon / Sailor / ICOM), they may not be available at the same price point or offer the same standard of quality as Entel.

To help, we've created a table to identify which Entel radios can be considered as an alternative to the existing radios out there! 

 Motorola Radios 

Motorola Radio Model Entel Radio Model (Equivalent) BuyNav Price
(excl. discount)
Motorola GP328 UHF
Entel HT783 S$250
Motorola GP328 VHF
Entel HT644 S$206
Motorola GP328 UHF
Intrinsically Safe
Entel HT583 IECEx S$462
Motorola GP328 VHF
Intrinsically Safe
Entel HT544 IECEx S$389


Standard Horizon Radios 

Standard Horizon Radio Model Entel Radio Model (Equivalent) BuyNav Price 
(excl. discount)
Standard Horizon HX400 Entel HT644 S$206
Standard Horizon HX320S Entel HT644 S$206
Standard Horizon HX370S Entel HT544 IECEx S$389
Standard Horizon HX290 Entel HT644 S$206
Standard Horizon HX280S Entel HT644 S$206


Sailor Radios 

Sailor Radio Model Entel Radio Model (Equivalent) BuyNav Price 
(excl. discount)
Sailor SP3520 Entel HT649 S$456
Sailor SP3965 Entel HT944 S$250


Vertex Radios 

Vertex Radio Model Entel Radio Model (Equivalent) BuyNav Price 
(excl. discount)
Vertex VX-820-G6-5 Entel HT783 S$250
Vertex VX-821-G6-5 Entel HT583 IECEx S$462
Vertex VX-417 Entel HT583 IECEx S$462


ICOM Radios 

ICOM Radio Model Entel Radio Model (Equivalent) BuyNav Price 
(excl. discount)
ICOM IC-M36 Entel HT644 S$206
ICOM IC-M35 Entel HT644 S$206
ICOM IC-M24 Entel HT644 S$206


To view all full range of Entel products, please click here.

Kindly note that equivalent Entel models may not necessarily meet some of the special / proprietary features of other radios brands. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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