Introducing the all new Thuraya MarineStar + Allied eParts Bundle

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Thuraya MarineStar Allied eParts Bundle 

After months of extensive research, we are finally unveiling the industry's most cost effective and user-friendly satellite data solution!

Presenting... The Thuraya MarineStar + Allied eParts Bundle: Use Your Own Mobile Apps At Sea!

Thuraya MarineStar Bundle


So... What does this mean?

You can now access satellite data through the Thuraya MarineStar!

While the standalone Thuraya MarineStar offers excellent SMS and voice call services, users have no easy way to access the GmPRS data the terminal offers.

With the new Allied eParts bundle, you can access the terminal's data very easily via WiFi hotspot - just connect to the WiFi like you would connect to the WiFi in your home! No additional terminal / special handset required. Simply connect via your own mobile phone!


But what mobile apps can I actually use?

The simple answer is ANY!

As we configure the router ourselves, we can tweak the configuration to suit each customer's needs. To enable access to other apps, you simply need to provide us with:

- The name of the app (if it is a popular app)
- IP and Domain List (if it is an in-house app)


But what if I just want something simple / plug-and-play?

To simply the process, we have whitelisted (i.e. enabled access to) a list of the most popular messaging apps. Simply let us know which apps you think you will be using (we suggest a maximum of 2-3), and we will only enable access to those!

  • WhatsApp

  • WeChat

  • Line

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Telegram

  • Viber

  • Zalo


Can I do anything I want on these mobile apps?

For all the apps listed above, we've configured the router to enable the sending and receiving of messages, voice messages and photos

Note: Due to the speed of gmPRS data (up to 60 kbps), voice calls & video calls via mobile apps are not recommended.


But why should I get a fixed satellite terminal + antenna instead of a portable satellite phone?

Thuraya has a strong portfolio of portable satellite phones - XT Lite, XT Pro, X5 Touch, SatSleeve+, SatSleeve Hotspot.

However, all satellite phones require an obstructed view of the sky to establish a satellite connection. In the event of poor weather, you'll be thankful for the Thuraya MarineStar's external fixed antenna, which allows you to access satellite services from the comfort of the indoors!

Additionally, some customers have highlighted that having fixed terminals mean that the satellite handsets are less likely to go "missing"...


Aren't fixed satellite terminals difficult to install though?

We knew this was a key user concern, so we've tested this ourselves! 

Including the set up of the router, the full installation should take less than 45 minutes


But how much will all of this cost?

The Thuraya MarineStar + Allied eParts bundle is extremely affordable at SGD 1,335 (USD 920) per unit. (This is an amazing price considering that Inmarsat's FleetOne costs more than 4 times more!)


And what about airtime plans?

There are various airtime plans available for the Thuraya MarineStar. We are more than happy to recommend the best solution for you based on your requirements.

However, we understand that some customers might want a rough idea of the cost. Based on our testing, you can expect your airtime costs to be around:

(per message)
Voice Call
(per minute)
Mobile App - Message
(per message)
Mobile App - Voice Message
(10 sec)
Mobile App - Photo
(26kb photo)


Comparing these airtime costs to any other competitors (Iridium, Inmarsat) will show that Thuraya's airtime cost is at least half of the others. 

Note: These costs are just estimates. Actual costs will vary based on the data consumed, location of usage, country code called etc.


I'm sold! Where do I purchase?

To get started, please feel free to contact us to chat through your requirements. Our team is very excited to assist you!


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